all about tithing (tax) and whether tithing is required from born again sons and daughters of god

Had a request yesterday (today as I write is the 26th January 2011) from a dear reader who wanted clarification on Tithing and whether or not it is binding on Born of God (Born Again) believers who live under Grace. The answer to this is a plain and emphatic NO!!
However, before I expound upon the wrongs of regulated tithing under the New Covenant we need to understand tithing in relation to taxation.
Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall is reported to have said: “The power to tax is the power to destroy”, but Winston Shrout, an expert in commercial processes and remedies put this more succinctly when he said: “The power to tax the principal is the power to destroy.” This means, that in the Old Covenant days of Ancient Israel at the time of the Judges when the Levites (the Priesthood) (they had no king in Israel at this time) collected the tithe from the people of Israel they only ever required a tithe (a tenth) on the increase of the people’s abundance. This can best be described by this example:
A farmer or husband-man has 100 head of cattle and during the season the cows produce 50 calves so the farmer has made an increase of 50 head of cattle. This would mean a tithe of 5 head of cattle being a tenth of the increase of the fifty calves would be due. Notice, though, how his original 100 head of cattle, The Principal, are not tithed upon or not taxed, they remain untouched. Can you see the equity and justice within this system?
Now if we take our modern world with regard to taxation, which is just the tithe by another name, and if we are employed in a job, are our wages an increase in our wealth and/or an increase in our abundance? In other words, should we be paying tax or a tithe on our wages? Not sure? Let’s put it another way. What did you get your wages for? Sitting at home whilst watching TV, playing computer games or cards? If you had been, your ‘wages’ would then have been an increase and a tithe or tax due. Now, if you were paid your wages for a week’s work or labour, then this was an exchange, a payment for your hire, not an increase. You laboured for a week and in exchange for that effort you were paid. This, by Biblical Godly standards, is not an increase at all and had you lived at the time of the Judges in Ancient Israel you would not have been tithed or taxed on your wages. Am I therefore saying that income tax is unlawful and extortion? Yes, without a shadow of doubt. Only corporate profits should be taxed where an increase can be shown to have taken place. Taxation on private income is a tax or tithe on The Principal and can only result in one thing - the destruction of The Principal, and who is The Principal, you are? Are you being taxed on your private income? If you can answer yes to this then you are being financially oppressed and destroyed.